released 22/05/2017

Recognition of coal’s immense toll on vulnerable communities and why more coal will entrench poverty has been largely absent from the battle over climate and energy policy in Australia.


The University of Melbourne – Australian-German Climate and Energy College

Our report investigates AEMO’s gas-and-electricity-system modelling results as well as the communications that followed. We explore reasonable alternate conclusions that can be drawn by analysing AEMO’s published modelling inputs, assumptions, and results, and by contemplating future real-world events.

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released 16 May 2017
We have set out our strategy for the coming decades, integrating our ambition to be a safe, strong, successful business with our aspiration to be a good corporate citizen and part of the solution to climate change.


Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC)

Australia’s building sector can deliver up to 28% of Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target, save $20 billion and create healthier, more productive cities if a suite of targeted policies are introduced, according to a new report by the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC).


released 20 April 2017
OZ Minerals has a strong commitment towards sustainability. This year, OZ Minerals publishes a combined report to demonstrate how sustainability is intergrated into our business strategy and how long – term economics value is strongly linked to environmental and social performance. The sustainability chapters align with OZ Minerals’ policies and performance standards.


released 20 April 2017

New Forests’ fifth annual Sustainability Report is intended to provide clients and stakeholders with a transparent view of our approach and goals in operating our business and investment programs in a sustainable and responsible manner.


released 20 Apr 2017
Apple’s 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report, covering fiscal year 2016, is our tenth annual update. It highlights the ambitions we have set for ourselves and our progress toward meeting them. We remain focused on three priorities through which we—and our stakeholders—believe Apple can make the biggest difference.