Sustainable Business Australia

released 29 May 2017

As I explore today’s theme ‘SDGs and the City’ I want to talk more about acting powerfully and courageously. And in doing so let me first talk about the rationale for establishing a platform to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Guardian

appeared 28 May 2017

One day in late March, during a sunny weekend, something spectacular happened. Solar power broke a new record. The demand for daytime electricity in UK homes fell to night times levels – thanks to solar panels in roofs and fields. Thanks to the sunshine, solar power created six times more electricity than coal-fired power stations that day.


released 29 May 2017

Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031 highlights our city’s key sustainability achievements and outlines future targets and commitments to drive us towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable city.


The Washington Post

appeared 25 May 2017

“Climate change” is out. “Resilience” is in. “Victims of domestic violence” are now “victims of crime.” Foreign aid for refu­gee rights has become aid to protect “national security.” “Clean energy investment” has been transformed into just plain “energy” investment.


Deutsche Welle

appeared 24 May 2017

To fight air pollution, Munich may soon implement bans on diesel vehicles in the city center. This leaves car dealers with vehicles no one wants to buy. And local taxi drivers fear their business may take a hit.