released 02 June 2017

Vodafone Group Plc has published its Sustainable Business Report 2017, the second report under its sustainable business strategy that was launched in 2016. The strategy sets out to ensure an even closer alignment between Vodafone’s core commercial goals and the maximum possible social and economic benefit achievable as a consequence of those goals.



appeared 31 May 2017

The high-street coffee shop has long been used as a measure of urban gentrification. But are all coffee shops the same? Not so, claimed the London edition of Time Out in 2014. In fact, it said, there are eight types in London just in the independent sector, away from the global mega-chains. These separate species of capital brew house could be distinguished by the presence of table service, for instance, and whether the barista could remember your name and favourite order.


Climate Works Australia

released 19 May 2017

Globally, electric vehicle (EV) uptake is booming, thanks to the huge progress in EV innovation, range and affordability in recent years.



appeared 30 May 2017

I spoke to Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP and author of the new book Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet, about why he cares so much about climate change, the role companies have in protecting our planet, how he overcame a career challenge and his best piece of career advice.


Harvard Business Review

appeared 30 May 2017

Earlier this month, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins began the process of separating its cleantech investing from the rest of its fund. It marks the end of an era. Ten years after Kleiner star John Doerr was moved to tears during his TED talk about climate change, there’s no longer any question that VCs’ interest in clean energy is waning.