The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements

released 31 August 2020

This is not our final report, nor does it contain draft recommendations. We set out preliminary views to guide those interested in the Commission’s work as we approach the final stages of our inquiry including receiving submissions from parties with leave to appear. We continue to consider the extensive evidence before us


Woolworths Group Limited

released 27 August 2020

We have been working hard on our sustainability agenda at Woolworths for many years. We are proud of the progress that we have made, and this year we concluded our work against our 2020 sustainability commitments.



released 25 August 2020

This research analyses outdoor spaces as commons that are accessed, enjoyed and cared for by a community. It shifts the way we see the city – no longer as a collection of private spaces but as a collection of public spaces. Patterns, which link urban forms and social practices, help identify how liveability is constrained or enabled by built environments. This research shifts the focus from technical solutions to the role that commons play in adapting to urban heat in our communities.


Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience and World Vision Australia

released 21 August 2020

Australia’s largest youth climate and disaster report reveals the way children and young people are already being affected by disasters in Australia, how they’re already responding to climate change, and what they want to see from politicians and schools.


Investor Group on Climate Change & Energetics

released 20 August 2020

The report captures the views of investors who are reading and using company reporting to inform investment decisions, manage portfolio level risk and set strategies for transitioning to net zero emissions.


Electric Vehicle Council

released 19 August 2020

The State of Electric Vehicles 2020 report provides a snapshot of the EV industry in Australia with analysis and data on the EV market, the OEM sector, charging infrastrucutre, mining and manufacturing, energy and environment, and government policy.