released 27 April 2018

The report outlines Citi’s approach to citizenship: A business model that adds value to society; taking a stand on issues that matter and driving solutions; a focus on ethical decision-making and responsible business practices; and an enhanced focus on transparency and knowledge building.


SC Johnson

released 23 April 2018

SC Johnson has released its 26th annual Sustainability Report which shares publicly the criteria inside the company’s Greenlist™ ingredient selection program. The Greenlist™ program helps the company continually improve its products by choosing ingredients to better protect human health and the environment.



released 22 April 2018

Following Earth Day on April 22, L’Oréal publishes the 2017 Progress Report on its sustainability programme Sharing Beauty With All. The report shows significant progress, as much on sustainable innovation as on the company’s commitment to fighting climate change.


Vision Super

released 16 January 2018

Industry super fund, Vision Super, have released their latest Corporate responsibility report, which outlines further reductions in the carbon intensity of their portfolio as well as other environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures the fund put in place over the last year.


RIAA Responsible Investment Association Australia

released 13 December 2017

With RIAA now two years through our three year strategy, this report highlights strong progress on many fronts: growing funds flowing into responsible investments; growing demand for responsible, ethical and impact investments; ongoing work to develop the capacity of our industry; more active participation in important policy developments; and a surging lift in awareness of responsible investment, as measured through sizeable step up in media mentions, growing readership of our Responsible Investment Benchmark Reports, and subsequent growth in RIAA’s membership.