Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

released 29 May 2017

The purpose of this Commission is to explore explicit carbon-pricing options and levels that would induce the change in behaviors— particularly in those driving the investments in infrastructure, technology, and equipment—needed to deliver on the temperature objective of the Paris Agreement, in a way that fosters economic growth and development, as expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Sustainable Business Australia

released 29 May 2017

As I explore today’s theme ‘SDGs and the City’ I want to talk more about acting powerfully and courageously. And in doing so let me first talk about the rationale for establishing a platform to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.


Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
released 19 May 2017

This report raises serious questions about the influence of big polluting companies on decision makers. Ultimately, we are asking: is our federal government providing a slush fund for big polluting companies and doing the business of big polluters?


released 22/05/2017

Recognition of coal’s immense toll on vulnerable communities and why more coal will entrench poverty has been largely absent from the battle over climate and energy policy in Australia.


The University of Melbourne – Australian-German Climate and Energy College

Our report investigates AEMO’s gas-and-electricity-system modelling results as well as the communications that followed. We explore reasonable alternate conclusions that can be drawn by analysing AEMO’s published modelling inputs, assumptions, and results, and by contemplating future real-world events.

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