Government Architect New South Wales

released 21 August 2017

Better Placed is an integrated design policy for the built environment of NSW. It seeks to capture our collective aspiration and expectations for the places where we work, love and play. It creates a clear approach to ensure we get the good design that will deliver the architecture, public places and environments we want to inhabit now and those we make for the future.


Department of Environment and Energy

released 11 August 2017

The National Waste Report has been produced regularly since 2010. The 2016 report describes Australia’s national performance on waste and recycling for the 2014-15 year. The Report presents data and commentary on waste generation, recovery and fate for all waste streams and various material categories, by jurisdiction and per capita. Graphs and analyses assist with comparisons and identify trends


Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH)

released 15 August 2017

This future foresight report has been produced to help AIRAH, the HVAC industry and its trainers and regulators understand the likely changes in a net zero built environment and how these changes will affect the design, delivery and management of HVAC. Foresight can help an industry to identify the changes expected and consider what the next steps should be to navigate them.


Australian Academy of Science

released 3 August 2017

The Australian Academy of Science instigated this review in early 2016 to characterise Australia’s current climate science capability and identify how well Australia’s climate science sector is positioned to meet current and future demands for weather and climate knowledge in the context of increasingly powerful and sophisticated tools and methodologies.


Market Forces

released 3 August 2017

Market Forces’ latest research has found that 82 of Australia’s 100 largest superannuation funds disclose inadequate or no tangible evidence that they have considered the impact of climate risk on their investment portfolios.