Wendy Craik AM

released 27 June 2019

This Review is restricted to consideration of the agriculture sector; views and ideas on how best to
improve the operation of the EPBC Act more broadly will be invited as part of the second independent
statutory review of the EPBC Act, which must commence no later than October 2019. Additionally,
this report is limited to a review of the Act, including its objectives, as it relates to the protection and
management of matters of national environmental significance (MNES).


National Security College, Australian National University (ANU) & Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques

released 21 June 2019

This report sets out an environmental ‘risk map’ for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and the eastern Indian Ocean. It provides a contribution to the national security assessments of Australia and France.The report provides an enhanced foundation to inform policy decisions about the allocation of national resources, identifies opportunities for cooperation and suggests priorities.


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) & Oil Change International (OCI)

released 25 June 2019

This report aims to address this accountability gap and, for the first time, track each G20 country’s progress in phasing out subsidies to the production and consumption of coal through: (1) fiscal support; (2) public finance; and (3) state-owned enterprise (SOE) investment. The report summarises key findings from 18 parallel country studies, with accompanying data sheets that list all the identified support.


Victorian Environmental Assessment Council

tabled 18 June 2019

This assessment has identified current environmental, economic, social and cultural values of Victoria’s marine environment, together with threats to these values and advice on future patterns, trends and direction related to existing and emerging uses. Collectively, the information presented in this assessment can be used in the development of a marine and coastal policy, marine and coastal strategy, marine spatial planning framework and the upcoming State of the Marine and Coastal Environment report, all of which are requirements of the Marine and Coastal Act 2018.


Beyond Zero Emissions

released 19 June 2019

This report presents a bold future for the Northern Territory: one that is compatible with addressing climate change and the Territory’s need for sustainable economic development. Beyond Zero Emissions demonstrates that the Northern Territory can build 10 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030 – 10 times more than the Territory’s current generation capacity, and 20 times more than the current renewable energy target.


World Resources Institute

released 11 June 2019

This paper highlights the critical role of long-term strategies (LTSs) and nationally determined contributions (NDCs) in advancing the G20 goal of strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth. In addition, it argues that while LTSs and NDCs make distinct contributions to enhancing global climate action, they are also closely interlinked. Because of the interdependencies between near-, medium-, and long-term planning and policies, G20 countries can benefit from undertaking these processes in tandem.