International Fund for Animal Welfare

released 04 March 2020

The report quantifies the impacts of recent fire events on koalas in the context of broader population trends across New South Wales over the past three generations of koalas. Nearly 5,000 koalas are estimated to have perished in this time, nearly 12% of the population. Up to 66% of the population has been lost over the past three generations.


Beyond Zero Emission

released 28 February 2020

The plan shows that by switching to renewable electricity it is possible to double manufacturing efficiency, harnessing the power of the sector to drive productivity growth, innovation, exports and create high-quality Victorian jobs.


Future Directions International

released 27 February 2020

Global water supplies are expected to come under increased stress due to increased demand caused by population growth, rising wealth levels, dietary change, urbanisation, and rising industrial demand.


United Nations Environment Programme

released 18 February 2020

This report shows that good governance is key to managing environmental and social impacts, and unlocking the sector’s potential as a catalyst of sustainable growth and development. Many of today’s wealthiest countries were built on the back of natural resources. A modern example of a developing country making wise use of resources can be seen in Botswana, which has deployed its diamond deposits to promote broad-based development.


Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air

released 14 February 2020

This paper is the first to assess the global economic burden caused by air pollution from fossil fuels. It incorporates many recent first-of-a-kind findings, including the first study to assess the contribution of fossil fuels to global air pollution levels and health impacts, as well as novel research on the burden of asthma and diabetes linked to air pollution.