National Farmers’ Federation

released 22 October 2019

The NFF’s National Drought Policy prioritises objectives and outcomes that enhance long-term preparedness, sustainability, resilience and risk management for farming businesses and farming communities in Australia in order to minimise the impact of drought.


Infrastructure Victoria

released 21 October 2019

Infrastructure Victoria has released its early findings for public comment in developing advice to government on how we can build a better recycling and resource recovery industry for Victoria.


Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS)

released 20 October 2019

This report adopts a ‘climate equity’ approach to determine the practical measures Victoria should take to respond to climate change fairly.


The Australia Institute

released 18 October 2019

New research has revealed that financial services in Australia will not insure against nuclear accidents, and if developers of nuclear power stations were forced to insure against nuclear accidents, nuclear power would be completely uneconomic.



released 11 October 2019

The report found that wind could increase its contribution to global electricity demand nine times by 2040 (to 34%, from 4% at present). Moreover, it could account for 23% of the necessary reduction in carbon emissions by 2050: 5.6 billion tons of CO2, equivalent to the annual emissions of the 80 most polluting cities. This reduction would have real benefits for society, saving up to four million lives a year and reducing health-related costs by up to 3.2 trillion dollars a year.