released 30 October 2018

The Living Planet Report documents the state of the planet—including biodiversity, ecosystems, and demand on natural resources—and what it means for humans and wildlife. Published by WWF every two years, the report brings together a variety of research to provide a comprehensive view of the health of the Earth.


Parliamentary Library & Information Service, Parliament of Victoria

released 25 October 2018

This explainer provides an overview of the circular economy concept, what it looks like and why it’s being talked about. It also discusses research and developments in the circular economy space, and some of the challenges. Additionally, it includes a number of examples of circular initiatives being implemented around the world.


The Australia Institute

released 23 October 2018

Alarmingly, CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) projections also demonstrate an increase in the frequency of hot nights. Unless emissions are decisively reduced, CSIRO and BoM project about half of summer nights could be over 25 degrees by 2070 in Roma.


Climate Council

released 16 October 2018

This is the Climate Council’s fourth scorecard that measures state and territory progress on renewable energy. States and territories are judged on a range of criteria, such as how much renewable energy they generate, the proportion of houses with solar, whether they have renewable energy targets, or plans to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.