Electric Vehicle Council

released 11 September 2019

This report provides data and insights into the electric vehicle industry in Australia and highlights the actions taken and needed to accelerate the electrification of road transport.


The Global Commission on Adaptation

released 10 September 2019

This report focuses on making the case for climate adaptation, providing specific insights and recommendations in key sectors: food security, the natural environment, water, cities and urban areas, infrastructure, disaster risk management, and finance. It is designed to inspire action among decision-makers, including heads of state and government officials, mayors, business executives, investors, and community leaders.


Thinking Ahead Institute

released 6 September 2019

Extreme risks are potential events that are very unlikely to occur but that could have a significant impact on economic growth and asset returns should they happen.
Global temperature change, global trade collapse and cyber warfare are the top three extreme risks identified in this paper. The value of this exercise however, lies outside prediction. To navigate through this complex world, we suggest investors need to be openminded, avoid concentrated risks, be sensitive to early warning signs, constantly adapt and always prepare for the worst.


University of Leeds, British Association for Sustainable Sports & University of Portsmouth

released 9 September 2019

For the first time this report brings together the expertise of climate scientists with the science of sports physiology to explore the current and future impacts of our changing climate on the world’s second most followed sport.


Natural Resources Commission, NSW Government

released 6 September 2019

Water sharing plans establish rules for sharing water between water users and the environment.
These plans typically apply for a period of ten years. At the end of this period, the Minister for Water may decide to replace or extend a plan.