The Australia Institute

released 01 April 2020

Civil aviation emissions reductions under COVID-19 in Australia and globally and the potential long-term impacts to emissions in the sector


Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

released 01 April 2020

This document sets out the collective impact framework necessary to deliver the 2025 Targets. A call to action to all stakeholders in the packaging ecosystem to thoughtfully and collectively determine how they can contribute to the achievement of the vision for our packaging future in Australia


Sustainable Development Solutions Network

released 26 March 2020

The World Happiness Report ranks countries by their happiness levels. The 2020 report includes a special focus on the environment – social, urban, and natural.


Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics, Australian National University

released 30 march 2020

The ‘Australia’s Environment’ report aims to make spatial information on environmental conditions more accessible and easily interpreted at different levels of detail. The report summarises a large amount of observations on the trajectory of our natural resources and ecosystems. On the website, you can find a national summary report, as well as report cards for different types of administrative and geographical regions. In the accompanying data explorer, the spatial data can be viewed as maps, accounts or charts by region and land use type, and downloaded for further use.


Council of Australian Governments

released 13 March 2020

The Commonwealth, state and territory governments and the Australian Local Government Association agreed this response strategy at the 13 March 2020 COAG meeting.This response strategy presents a coordinated and ambitious package to implement the COAG waste export ban.


Australian Government, Productivity Commission

released 18 March 2020

This paper examines the policy and implementation frameworks currently governing the urban water sector to identify where there may be impediments to the adoption of IWCM. The focus is on the arrangements in major cities because of their projected growth, but the issues identified are likely to be relevant to smaller towns and cities as well.