Market Forces

released 18 February 2019

Since Market Forces first conducted this research at the start of 2018, companies have become more willing to acknowledge climate change risks. However, very few have fully detailed the potential implications of these risks for their particular business. Even fewer have disclosed plans to transition to a business model that aligns with the Paris climate goals.


Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

released 15 February 2019

The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists has conducted a study to fill a gap in publicly available research that evaluates whether environmental water recovery has led to observable increases in river flows at two key sites along the Murray-Darling Basin; Chowilla and Wilcannia. These sites were chosen as they are representative of the health of the southern and northern basins respectively. This study was undertaken to assess whether recovered water is contributing to increased flows as would be expected.


Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology

released 15 February 2019

This Special Climate Statement provides estimates of annual exceedance probabilities based on historically recorded rainfall for the region. However, these historical estimates may not be an accurate guide to the actual probability of the recent heavy rainfall event, and are likely to underestimate the probability of such rainfall in the future. This is because the climate system is changing, and global warming increases the likelihood of heavy rainfall events in most locations.


Australian Conservation Foundation & 1 Million Women

released 11 February 2019

A new survey of Australian women’s views on climate change has found nearly nine in ten are ‘extremely concerned’ and in the under-30 bracket one in three are so worried about what global warming is doing to the future that they are reconsidering having children.


Doctors for the Environment Australia

released 7 February 2019

This comprehensive new report shows NSW’s air quality deteriorated markedly in 2018, overshooting the national standards several times and putting the health of people at risk, especially in parts of Sydney and in the Hunter.