Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

released 30 April 2020

The Renewable Integration Study (RIS) is the first stage of a multi-year plan to maintain system security in a future National Electricity Market (NEM) with a high share of renewable resources. AEMO’s findings and recommendations in this report reflect both its day-to-day experience operating the NEM power system, and the results of extensive RIS modelling and analysis.


Commission for the Human Future

released 22 April 2020

This report summarises the discourse at our first Round Table event, which was held online on March 28, 2020. It is the first of many we intend to share,on the risks we all confront and ways forward for humanity.


International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

released 20 April 2020

The Global Renewables Outlook shows the path to create a sustainable future energy system. This flagship report highlights climate-safe investment options until 2050, the policy framework needed for the transition and the challenges faced by different regions.


The Australian Government, Interim Inspector-General of Murray–Darling Basin Water Resources

released 17 April 2020

On 4 December 2019 the Hon. David Littleproud MP, former Commonwealth Minister for Water Resources, requested an inquiry into the:
1) Impact of changing distribution of inflows to the southern Basin on state shares under the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement.
2) Any consequential impacts on state water shares resulting from reserves required under the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement. This includes how these interact with state water allocation policies.


The Australia Institute

released 15 April 2020

The Victorian Government has decided to allow onshore gas mining based on an internal report that claims minimal climate impacts. However the report ignores up to 88% of greenhouse emissions from new onshore gas mining, appearing to ignore emissions from burning the gas.


Clean Energy Council

released 08 April 2020

The report covers the latest key figures and statistics on the national energy market. It is the only analysis that includes the National Electricity Market, the Western Australian electricity grid and other major regional grids across the country in areas such as the Northern Territory.


Climate Works Australia

released 04 April 2020

The report shows that the transition to address climate change requires “all-in” action by governments, businesses and ordinary Australians. Yet the measures identified in this report would not be anything like the economic shock we’re experiencing at the moment from the pandemic.