Infrastructure Victoria

released 14 May 2020

Infrastructure Victoria has published the final advice to government on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure in Victoria. The advice includes 13 recommendations that were developed in consultation with government and stakeholders and focuses on six priority materials including plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, organics, tyres and e-waste.


The Australia Institute

released 11 May 2020

The NT Government provides a range of subsidies and assistance measures to onshore oil and gas. While the Fracking Inquiry highlighted non-recovery of some administration costs, analysis of budget papers shows
$94 million of assistance measures over the last decade. Subsidies of $10m per year look set to continue. Fracking Inquiry forecasts suggest royalties
will never cover these costs without more infrastructure that will also require subsidy. The NT Government has subsidised such infrastructure in the past, with $4.4 billion in purchase commitments assisting the Blacktip
project and Northern Gas Pipeline. These projects impose significant costs on NT taxpayers.


Australian Government, Murray–Darling Basin Authority

released 12 May 2020

In 2019 the independent panel was established with five independent experts to undertake the review. In 2020 the independent panel examined hundreds of studies on the Lower Lakes, Coorong and Murray Mouth and consulted with almost 100 scientists and technical experts. They reviewed many aspects, ranging from climate, hydrology, hydrodynamics, geomorphology, palaeoecology, ecosystems and environmental watering.


Clean Energy Council

released 5 May 2020

The clean energy industry has been one of Australia’s extraordinary success stories over the past decade and stands ready to lead the economic recovery from COVID-19.


Natural Economy for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)

Released 04 May 2020

This report used publicly accessible information to examine the impact of coal mining and coal-fired power generation on water in New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD).