Environment Victoria

released 4 December 2017

Despite undergoing a $162 million reform process, the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is failing to tackle the biggest environmental challenge of our time – climate change.

A new report by independent charity Environment Victoria, Licence to Pollute, reveals why and how the EPA needs to start putting limits on climate pollution.


The Australia Institute

released 30 November 2017

Each issue of Electricity Update contains a more detailed discussion of one or two topical issues relating to the electricity system. This extended edition looks at a number of aspects of electricity supply in South Australia. These include record levels of wind generation, the effect of growing rooftop solar generation on demand for grid electricity, and the effect of both these on spot wholesale prices, which in both September and October were the lowest amongst all four mainland NEM states. We also discuss what implications the smooth, low-cost operation of the state’s electricity system throughout this period may have for the proposed National Energy Guarantee in the three larger NEM states, all of which currently have a much lower share of variable renewable generation than South Australia.


Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

released 30 November 2017

This report is the first independent and comprehensive review of the Basin Plan. Its purpose is to evaluate progress towards the social, environmental and economic objectives of the reforms, with the view to setting out steps necessary to deliver the Basin Plan in full by 2026. This report also looks further into the future and sets out a suite of long-term reforms that are necessary if the nation is to achieve its ultimate goal of restoring the health of river systems in the Murray-Darling Basin.


Government Architect NSW

28 November 2017

Greener Places is a draft policy to guide the design, planning, design and delivery of Green Infrastructure in urban areas across NSW. Green Infrastructure is the network of green spaces, natural systems and semi-natural systems including parks, rivers, bushland and private gardens that are strategically planned, designed and managed to support good quality of life in the urban environment.


Australian Government 

released 24 November 2017

The Government is publishing this White Paper to chart a clear course for Australia at a time of rapid change. Over the coming decade Australia will need to pursue its interests in a more competitive and contested world.

Highlighting some areas of particular interest:

  • Chapter two: A contested world – An environment under strain
  • Chapter six: Global cooperation – The United Nations
  • Chapter six: Global cooperation – Climate change
  • Chapter six: Global cooperation – Antarctica
  • Chapter six: Global cooperation – Promoting sustainable development
  • Chapter six: Global cooperation – Strains on food, energy and water
  • Chapter six: Global cooperation – Protecting the oceans
  • Chapter six: Global cooperation – Guarding against global health risks



released 22 November 2017

Responsible investments now account for more than half of all professionally managed assets in Australia.

JBWere is proud to be the first private wealth manager in Australia to develop a truly integrated approach to socially responsible investing.