Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance (STC), the  Hoover Institution

released 27 October 2017

This framing paper for the launch of the Stanford Clean Energy Finance Initiative considers the challenge and opportunity of dramatically scaling up global investment in clean energy deployment. Simply put, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that we are currently investing globally roughly one-third of the private and public funds necessary to have a shot at staying within the 2 degrees Centigrade warming threshold that could help avoid the most severe impacts of climate change. This paper takes a look through an “investor lens” at the risks that stand in the way of adding tens of trillions of dollars globally over the next 25 years to the current clean energy investment trajectory.


Climate Council

released 30 October 2017

The Sunshine State is a leader in Australia’s renewables boom, with more than $1.6 billion dollars invested in new large-scale projects, creating more than 1,300 construction jobs in the energy sector, our new report has found.


The Lancet

released 31 October 2017

This inaugural report launches the research collaboration and provides an overview of the strategic direction forward. It outlines these potential indicators and indicator domains to be tracked by the collaboration, with suggestions on the methodologies, and data sets available to achieve this end. The proposed indicator domains require further refinement, and mark the beginning of an ongoing consultation process to develop these domains, identify key areas not currently covered, and change indicators where necessary. Indeed, the indicators and metrics used will continuously evolve to make use of emerging evidence and data availability.


The Lancet, The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) & The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA)

released 31 October 2017 

This national policy brief has been developed by The Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change. It complements the 2017 Lancet Countdown paper and draws out national data and policy implications for select indicators for Australia.


Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI)

released 26 October 2017

Australia’s corporate governance framework restricts an important right of shareholders – the ability to bring resolutions at company meetings. We think this approach is flawed and needs to be reformed. Under the existing framework, shareholders who wish to raise an issue must propose a constitutional amendment or vote against the re-election of directors. This makes it difficult for shareholders to hold public companies to account on some important environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.


Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment

tabled 26 October 2017

This audit examines the climate change actions taken by the ACT Government over the last three years. We provide some expert commentary about what is now needed, from people who live and work in the ACT, and we consider some of the potential opportunities.