released 11 October 2019

The report found that wind could increase its contribution to global electricity demand nine times by 2040 (to 34%, from 4% at present). Moreover, it could account for 23% of the necessary reduction in carbon emissions by 2050: 5.6 billion tons of CO2, equivalent to the annual emissions of the 80 most polluting cities. This reduction would have real benefits for society, saving up to four million lives a year and reducing health-related costs by up to 3.2 trillion dollars a year.


The Australia Institute

released 4 October 2019

New coal mine proposals in Tasmania appear to be aimed more at increasing the value of the company and extracting government subsidy than at developing a mine that could deliver value for the Tasmanian community.


Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA)

released 11 September 2019

The paper reflects on a year dominated by severe drought, and explores future challenges and opportunities including population growth, climate change and water’s broader role in people’s lives.