World Resources Institute

released 11 June 2019

This paper highlights the critical role of long-term strategies (LTSs) and nationally determined contributions (NDCs) in advancing the G20 goal of strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth. In addition, it argues that while LTSs and NDCs make distinct contributions to enhancing global climate action, they are also closely interlinked. Because of the interdependencies between near-, medium-, and long-term planning and policies, G20 countries can benefit from undertaking these processes in tandem.



released 18 June 2019

The new Australia National Outlook 2019 report looks out to 2060. It signals Australia faces a Slow Decline if it takes no action on the most significant economic, social and environmental challenges. But, if these challenges are tackled head on, Australia can look forward to a positive Outlook Vision. This could mean higher GDP per capita, ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, strong economic growth and energy affordability, and more liveable major cities.


Climate Council of Australia Limited

released 02 June 2019

This report follows on from our previous reports in 2015 titled “Galilee Basin – Unburnable
Coal” and “Unburnable Carbon: Why we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground
”. It outlines
why – based on the “carbon budget” approach – opening up the Galilee Basin for coal mining
is fundamentally at odds with global eforts to tackle climate change efectively and protect
Australia from the dangerous impacts of climate change, such as more intense extreme
weather events and destruction of our most iconic ecosystems including the Great Barrier Reef.


Institute for Economics and Peace

released 12 June 2019

This is the thirteenth edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI), which ranks 163 independent states and territories according to their level of peacefulness.
Dealing with these negative trends in peacefulness becomes even more crucial when looking at the potential impact of climate change on peace.


Victorian Auditor‐General’s Office

released 6 June 2019

This audit examined whether responsible agencies are providing strategic direction, support and effective regulation in order to maximise the recovery and reprocessing of resources from Victoria’s waste streams.