Climate Council

Released 21 January 2019

This report outlines why coal has no future in a modern 21st century electricity system in Australia. The nation is transitioning to renewable energy and storage technologies that provide a clean, affordable and reliable supply of electricity to meet the needs of Australians 24/7.


World Economic Forum

Released 16 January 2018

The Global Risks Report 2019 is published against a backdrop of worrying geopolitical and geo-economic tensions. If unresolved, these tensions will hinder the world’s ability to deal with a growing range of collective challenges, from the mounting evidence of environmental degradation to the increasing disruptions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


The Brookings Institution

Released 7 January 2019

Weifeng Liu, Warwick McKibbin, Adele Morris, and Peter J. Wilcoxen use a multi-region model of the world economy to analyze the economic and environmental outcomes that are likely to result from these NDCs. To construct the modeling scenario, the authors convert the disparate NDC formulations into estimated reductions in CO2 emissions relative to a baseline scenario with no new climate policies. They then solve for the tax rate path on CO2 in each region that achieves the NDC-consistent emissions reductions in the target year, 2030 for most regions.


The Australia Institute

released 15 January 2019

Increasing extreme heat will have profound impacts on people, industries and ecosystems in Adelaide. CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology projections estimate that the average number of days over 35 could increase by 180% without strong climate policies, from historical averages of 18–25 days per year up to 51–69 days per year by 2090.


Australian Government, Murray Darling Basin Authority

Released 18 December 2018

The MDBA has published the latest quarterly report on water resource plan (WRP) progress, highlighting significant challenges in ensuring all WRPs are in place and meet the exacting requirements of the Basin Plan by the 1 July 2019 deadline.