Carbon Market Institute

released 19 November 2018

The Carbon Market Institute’s Australian Climate Policy Survey provides a critical means of capturing
the views of Australian business and industry to inform government and the wider community on climate and energy policy, on corporate action in the climate change arena and the economic and commercial implications of low-carbon pathway.


Queensland Audit Office

released 13 November 2018

This audit assessed whether Queensland public sector entities are effectively identifying, protecting and conserving threatened species.


Climate Council

released 13 November 2018

In this report, we first describe how climate change is influencing the global water cycle. We then focus on Australia’s water sector, highlighting the economic importance of the sector, the changes that are already occurring because of climate change, the health implications of these changes, the water-energy nexus, and the impacts of changes in the water cycle on urban water supplies, agricultural productivity and natural ecosystems.

Planet Ark

released 12 November 2018

This report draws on information and data from a range of sources including independent research commissioned by Planet Ark and conducted by Pollinate and a Planet Ark administered survey of 182 councils.



released 30 October 2018

In the 2018 edition of the SCI, we continue our exploration of the People, Profit and Planet dimensions of city sustainability, building a greater understanding of the underlying characteristics of cities that enable some to outperform their peers. Our intention is that by initiating further debate on the nature of long-term success, cities will continue to challenge themselves to meet the needs of their people for both today and tomorrow.