Australian Government

released 07 December 2018

The 2018 National Waste Policy embodies a circular economy, shifting away from ‘take, make, use and dispose’ to a more circular approach where we maintain the value of resources for as long as possible.


Climate Council

released 07 December 2018

In this report, we first describe how climate change is influencing the global water cycle. We then focus on Australia’s water sector, highlighting the economic importance of the sector, the changes that are already occurring because of climate change, the health implications of these changes, the water-energy nexus, and the impacts of changes in the water cycle on urban water supplies, agricultural productivity and natural ecosystems.

KPMG for Bioenergy Australia 

released 4 December 2018

Bioenergy Australia has asked KPMG to prepare a report on bioenergy activity within Australia, and to highlight the benefits of growing the bioenergy sector in Australia.


Doctors for the Environment Australia

released 4 December 2018

The review found growing evidence of direct health impacts as well as a clear potential for indirect impacts of gas and oil mining on essential environmental determinants of health, including a stable climate, air quality, water quality, water security, food security, community cohesion and, in some locations, geological stability. The cumulative impacts of these industries on the wider requirements for good health and wellbeing are extremely concerning.


Parliamentary Library (Australia)

released 3 December 2018

This guide explains Australia’s climate safeguard mechanism, which is an important component of
Australian’s central climate change policy, the Emissions Reduction Fund.