appeared 19 June 2017

“Is climate change really affecting the wine in my glass?”
That was the question that any consumer in the audience yesterday would have had answered, as a panel dedicated to climate change in the wine industry helped to kick off a very strong program of events at Vinexpo, the four-day, biennial trade fair in Bordeaux that has just begun.



appeared 16 June 2017

You may have heard the assertion that 97 percent of climate scientists believe that the earth’s climate is warming and human activity is the most likely cause. I made it in a column a couple of months ago, and learned that it drives some people crazy.


Innovators Magazine

appeared 13 June 2017

A breakthrough by scientists at Bath University could help in mitigating some of the environmental and financial devastation being caused by plastic waste.


Harvard Business Review

appeared 12 June 2017

With the Trump Administration’s surprising U-turn on the COP21 Paris Agreement, the U.S. finds itself with some strange bedfellows, joining Nicaragua and Syria in abstaining from this important treaty. The White House’s argument for leaving the treaty is based on economic nationalism: President Trump, in his speech announcing the decision, cited primarily the “lost jobs, lower wages, shuttered factories, and vastly diminished economic production” that he thought meeting the agreement’s voluntary targets would cause.