The New York Times

appeared 26 June 2017

MIAMI BEACH — Meeting in a city confronted daily with the issues of rising seas and climate change, the United States Conference of Mayors approved resolutions on Monday to urge the federal government to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and to redouble their own efforts to combat climate change and commit to renewable energy.


The Huffington Post

appeared 20 June 2017

The insurance industry’s annual confab last week was supposed to be a dry, stoic affair.
Instead, anti-coal protesters stormed the 44th Geneva Association conference at a ritzy hotel in San Francisco, plastered the bathrooms with slogan stickers and slipped fliers under the doors to executives’ rooms. A plane toting a banner reading “unfriend coal” circled the high-rise where the executives held their closing dinner and cocktail party.



appeared 19 June 2017

“Is climate change really affecting the wine in my glass?”
That was the question that any consumer in the audience yesterday would have had answered, as a panel dedicated to climate change in the wine industry helped to kick off a very strong program of events at Vinexpo, the four-day, biennial trade fair in Bordeaux that has just begun.



appeared 16 June 2017

You may have heard the assertion that 97 percent of climate scientists believe that the earth’s climate is warming and human activity is the most likely cause. I made it in a column a couple of months ago, and learned that it drives some people crazy.