Harvard Business Review

May – June 2021

For two decades progressive thinkers have argued that a more sustainable form of capitalism would arise if companies regularly measured and reported on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. But although such reporting has become widespread, and some firms are deriving benefits from it, environmental damage and social inequality are still growing.


Technology Networks

appeared 16 July 2020

A dramatic oil spill, such as the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico a decade ago, can dominate headlines for months while scientists, policymakers and the public fret over what happens to all that oil in the environment. However, far less attention is paid to the fate of a petroleum product that has been spread deliberately across the planet for decades: asphalt binder.


The New York Times

appeared 17 June 2020

After a drastic decline this spring, global greenhouse gas emissions are now rebounding sharply, scientists reported, as countries relax their coronavirus lockdowns and traffic surges back onto roads. It’s a stark reminder that even as the pandemic rages, the world is still far from getting global warming under control.


Deutsche Welle

article appeared 17 June 2020

As Europe’s climate shifts in the coming decades, some regions will find it increasingly difficult to sustain traditional crops. But with new varieties and strategies, some farmers are planting with an eye to the future.